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1. A cat or other household pet who sneaks under one's bedcovers during the night and nips at one's penis.

Orig: NY, Amber and Jake.

2. One who uses his or her teeth, intentionally or accidentally, when performing fellatio.

3. See douche, douchebag, tool, asshole, etc. May be used sarcastically.
Your damn iguana's a little cockchomper.

OR What's up, cockchomper?
by Jask November 01, 2004
When a person is really fucking trashed.

Could be booze, drugs, whatever. Once you start acting like a retard, you're nardo.
Dude, you are so nardo.

You are nardo, biiiiiiiiiiiiittttcchhh.

by Jask January 26, 2005
1. A person aged 18-27 who lives in the same city or town in which he grew up.

2. One who attends college in his hometown.

3. A person aged 10-26 who was born and raised in an American "college town" and continues to reside there. Usually has some resentment toward the college's students, especially if the college is pretigious and/or expensive.
Numero Uno has townie deliveryboys.

Saxon got in a fight with some townies outside the community dive bar.
by Jask November 01, 2004

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