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Tall looking specimen, usually found sprawled out upon Manly beach or a hard surface of a Vollyball court. She enjoys aiming towards being as good as Freshie in both Vollyball and Chemistry, especially as Freshie is so good at completing experiments 100% correctly! Naphalene's have also been sighted with green snot pouring out of their nose's, so remember when approaching this creature have your kleenex at the ready, also remember whilst approaching this creature they have a slight phobia of flight attendants... Something to do with a letter she got??
Quote's: "Well if you have an apple tree and one apple has 6 seeds in it and the other apple has 7 seeds then they are hybrid..."
"Freshie why cant i be as good at Chemistry as you, damn i spilt acid all over Yol!"
"Was this acid ment to go down the sink Freshie? Damn why arent i am smart as you?"
by Freshie July 19, 2004
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