Cunnilingus performed on an untrimed african-american vagina. Usually comes with fries and a shake(maybe oral sex with cowgirl or doggystyle sex, where the woman can grind or shake her hips during.
As he approached the Girl at the McDonalds counter he smiled and as she smiled back he said, "Damn girl, let's get outta here. I'm jonesin for a nappy meal."
by Legbah February 05, 2008
Top Definition
A meal consisting of fried chicken, colored greens, watermelon, and a 40oz malt liquor. Most often consumed by black people.
That nigger over there just ordered himself a nappy meal for his babies mama.
by SpookN December 03, 2005
when you buy a 24 piece chicken and a 40oz of colt 45
Michael Potter decided to buy a nappy meal after school.
by hotmilk69 January 08, 2010
A term used to describe any meal that one feels is sub-par or bad tasting. This term has nothing to do with African-Americans (some think so because of the arguably derogatory nature of the word nappy).

Grammatical rules are generally very relaxed with this word, as it can be used to describe a restraunt/eatery that serves food that one believes to be unsatisfactory.

Also, on occaision, this word can be used to describe people (most often females) whom one may deem fugly or aesthetically deficient. This useage of the word is debateable, as it would imply this person tastes bad, which may or may not be true.
Example 1 (food item): Ay man, don't buy the Jose Ole burritos from the lunch cart, nappy meal.

Example 2 (restraunt): I aint never goin back to that chinese place down on East Main, that place is nappy meal.

Example 3 (person): Ugh dude, did you just say you thought Paris Hilton was hot? That bitch is nappy meal.
by Skeeter McDougal August 29, 2005

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