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A meal consisting of fried chicken, colored greens, watermelon, and a 40oz malt liquor. Most often consumed by black people.
That nigger over there just ordered himself a nappy meal for his babies mama.
by SpookN December 03, 2005
Fecal matter that is not completely diarrhea, yet not solid either. Also known as the triple s' (semi-solid shats), the nixons commonly have the look and consistancy of seaweed. Usually appear the next morning after a long night of drinking. Many times they "attack" suddenly and without much time to react.
"Dan had to run to the bathroom as fast as he could cause he was attacked by a case of the nixons."
by SpookN November 30, 2005
The single greatest tv show ever!! If you do not know what Big Joe Polka is, you are missing out.
Dean: "Spook, grab the Shlitz and Goo Goo's, The Big Joe Polka Show is about to start!"
by SpookN December 03, 2005
A real son of a bitch. Can also be called a bastard.
Little Johnny is a real son of a bitch
by SpookN December 03, 2005
A women who is acting like a bitch. Assumed that she is "on the rag" and lost the string to her tampon.
Dan: "That girl is a bitch dad"
Dean: "She must have lost her string!"
by SpookN December 03, 2005

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