1. The most overratted movie in the world.

2. The name of a future porn star.
1. Not Napoleon Dynamite again!!

2. I just saw "The Last Blow" starring Napoleon Dynamite
by Bodacious Bob February 10, 2005
A movie that outlines the absolute absurdity of Western culture and the American Dream, also the meaninglessness of even existing to begin with. No, it is not meant to be a comedy. And no, it is not 'flippin' sweet'. Sure, there are funny quotes. For example:
'Who wants to bet I can go throw a football over them mountains?', 'Would you want a roundhouse kick to the face while I'm wearing these bad boys? .. Forget about it.', 'Why don't you go eat a decroded piece of crap?'(Yes, it was funny)

There were several scenes in the movie that outlined the pointlessness of what I described earlier. The chicken silo where Napoleon works, the place where Napoleon buys D'Kwon's dance grooves, Napoleon's mormon school, and yes, even all of outdoors. The movie WAS indeed filmed in Idaho. The reason nobody liked it was because of the mass conformity everyone went through, kind of like a virus. The people that spouted idiotic quotes at every opportunity were a plague, and while thinking they were original, were actually conforming into one huge .. blob. This movie is not a comedy, it is an eye-opener, an enrichment of our own idealistic views and an insight into our meaningless existence. It is also inspirational in an oddly absurd way, but also depressing at the same time, thinking that someone like Pedro can win the class president race just by Napoleon dancing his D-Kwon dance(Which you can NOT repeat). Yes, he conquered the evils of Summer Wheatley, but it also made me sad thinking about the mindless peers these kids had, all voting like sheep.

Napoleon's chronic lying and story-telling made me laugh as well. In an odd way, he was either extremely cool or extremely uncool. In the eighties and early nineties, he would have been considered extremely uncool. But now, he would have been considered a God. His lying adds to the big picture. It shows an example of him lying to escape his miserable existence.

Sheer genius.
'Napoleon Dynamite is just a huge example and metaphor for the meaningless of existence and the blending of Western culture.'

'ya i guess, lol IZ PEDRO DER!?'

by All yor base r belong to us January 09, 2006
napoleon dynamite is a retarded and over-quoted movie that was and is not funny. Most people say "Its hilarious after you see it!" No its not. It still sucks total ass. There is nothing hilarious about it. There are some subtle things that are semi-funny about his way of life that are funny if you live or have visited the area where he lives but it is still a waste of money, time, and thought. Will sadly live on forever due to the fact that fags will buy any thing with the napoleon dynamite name plastered on it (also see over-rated piece of shit)
fag:Vote for pedro! I love napoleon dynamite!!!11!1
normal person with a sense of what's funny: Go die in a forest fire
by Wakka Wakka Wakka November 30, 2006
I would not recommend this movie to anyone! This was the most boring movie I have ever seen. There is NO plot. You wait for something to actually happen, but nothing ever does. The dialogue is terrible, the acting is terrible. I can't believe someone wasted the time and money to make this film. Only watch this movie if you have a couple hours that you want to waste, and can't think of anything else that would be more entertaining such as this. All of my friends at school talked about how funny it was, so I went to the theatres (when it was in theatres). There is no plot, no comical dialogue (or acting for that matter), and this film does not offer anything to keep your attention. This movie will leave such a bad taste in your movie going mouth that you will have to stop at a video store after viewing this movie to find something that would reassure you that all movies aren't as bad as this one.
Napoleon Dynamite sucks ass, and the character Napoleon is a n00b.
by SuperSonicX September 17, 2005
Slow-paced pointless movie, yet somehow it is still a great laugh. This movie causes idiot(s) to come to urbandictionary.com and write a 5 paragraph definition of their opinion about how this movie is utterly horribly indescribably super gay. Get a life, if you dont like the movie go watch the little mermaid, and get a life while you are at it.
Person 1: Napoleon Dynamite is the GAYEST movie EVER!

Person 2: You are a fag go watch little mermaid
by Tony April 02, 2005
Most over-rated, over-hyped, over-quoted, unfunny, piece of shit film in years.

by Hamburgler March 10, 2005
A film that nearly all of the young American populace considers funny. (Aside from me) It the comedy didn't do it for me. I'm a fan of Monty Python and the old SNL, but I just didn't find it funny. The constant quoting and mimicking of the mannerisms of the main character are so abundant that I have come near punching the next person that says flipping and gosh in the same sentence.
I hate Napoleon Dynamite.
by shafticus March 07, 2005

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