the 239.Proven to be a city containing the weirdest people known to man.most of population consists of stoners, really rich white people, rednecks, and people with really fucked up lives.estates is by far where you find the best weed. extremely boring depending on where you live.
"naples rhymes with nipples"
by whitepeoplenow6969notreally March 28, 2009
Top Definition
a white rich city in Florida..

also called nap town, nappy town, nipples, and 2tres9 *239*

snowbirds come every winter and totally kill the roads. and they drive slow as hell. which is why it takes years to get anywhere.
dayum.. she lives in naples what a rich bitch.

youre goin to naples?? in december?? wow... ur gonna be sitting in ur car for a long-ass time. watch for the snow birds
by cougar-cute January 13, 2006
A place in Florida. The wealthy old people live here. Their rich grandchildren are selfish snobs with better cars than an average forty year old.

It is also a place with no entertainment, so smoking pot at night is the main thing to do.
You live in naples? What year Lexus do you drive?
by leaf nose computer March 02, 2009
1. city in italy. not to be confused with nipples.
are you from naples? everybody is from naples
by anonymous June 10, 2004
A large town south of Fort Myers. Here are 7 useful tips about the area, both positive and negative.

1. For the most part, self-worth is based on the person's wealth, or that of their parents.

2. Most of the people are recent transplants from New York, Michigan, Illinois, Mexico, and Cuba.

3. It is the unofficial Ed Hardy capital of Southwest Florida.

4. There are two well-known nightclubs in town and Vision offers open bar on Thursdays for a small extra charge. Like any club though, a large presence of d-bags can be the norm.

5. Home to some very nice beaches. Soft sand and warm water, if you enjoy swimming and relaxing it's a good place to go.

6. Home to the best one of the best skateparks in the SWFL area. Best time to go is early in the day, after about 3 or 4 it really crowds up.

7. Due to a lack of big universities, it is sort of a ghost town, leaving mostly Townies that like to cause drama and fights between eachother, wear lots of tight-fitting Ed Hardy to show everybody just "how jacked and tan I am" (see my new haircut), and other sketchy types. Good people are around but are too few and far between to really make this a "spot" for meeting decent people.

All in all, it's a great for retirees, vacationers and people with some cash to blow. But for those trying to make something of themselves, consider an alternative.
If you drive by the High School and mistake it for a Mercedes-Benz dealership, chances are you're in Naples.
by TrueShiz239 June 26, 2010
a place where old people go to retire and live in la-la land.

a place where rednecks rule to roads and any off-roading area.

a place where anyone who is not wealthy, hetero, or white will not/cannot survive.
i fucking hate naples.
by Lady Luck March 24, 2005
A city in southern Italy. Once a wonderful city it is now plaugued with mafia violence. It is home to the worst and most feared mafia organization in the world, The Camorra. There are different clans of the camorra that often war with each other over the sales of drugs, prostitution, and controlling businesses. It is more of a threat to Italy than the sicialian mafia was, which is now decreasing. I am Italian and have been to Naples, and let me tell you, don't look at anybody the wrong way, becuase you might end up with a few holes in you.
Raphielle Cutolo, the former leader of the camorra mafia group was arrested and his family members took over the organiztion.
by ScottM July 21, 2005

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