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Contains all different walks of life..

1) Weird super rich kids who go to naples high

2) Wanna be white boy rappers, and drug dealers that go to gulf coast high and a bunch of prissy wanna be barron girls
3)Lely high made of who even knows
4) Rich snobs that drive too expensive cars too young that go to barron.. some of them are nice also take all the good football players from other schools to make their team better
5) Palmghetto i mean palmetto that used to have normal people until all the spanish invaded the school, also used to be known for the hot cheerleaders who did the low dance
6) Golden Gate high in the ghetto.. enough said
7) anddd immoklee high yep

lastly 8) all the kids who tried to go to college and came back home to stay for the rest of their life, and show up at parties when their about 25

Usually any party will contain a fight between any of these people, or before that can happen it will get busted by the cops that have nothing better to do
oh you live in naples? what school do you go to? (insert school) oh ok
by meems11 December 06, 2011

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