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(v) The act or acts of operating a motor vehicle in such a manner that inhibits or prevents other motorists from performing basic functions (i.e. merging, passing, allowing the right of way, parking, backing up, et. al.) Also includes physical damage incurred to vehicles by the doing of other motorists or theft. Common to the city of Naples, Italy and surrounding Campania area. Typically used as a transitive verb.
He didn't pay his protection fee so they Napled his car. ; I just got Napled by that Punto.
by the letter si March 24, 2011
To be Napled; To touch ones or another's nipples, while being located in the city of Naples/Napoli, Italy.
"my older brother napled me today while we were on the hotel roof in Naples!" - Isaac
by Speegz11 January 08, 2013
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