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YIKES. this school sucks dick just like every one of the girl and GUYS that go there. The guys are douche bags and the girls are tricks. enough said oh yea and it smells like SHIT in there.
i dont think it needs an example but here's two.

1. shauna kiersten=HUGE WHORE STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU WANT SOME STDs trust me i know. not personally thank god becuase i would NEVER touch that shit. i dont like girls that look and act like 5 year olds

2. harley baumgartner or however the fuck you spell his last name= bigeest faggot piece of shit person you will ever meet in your life. will never be going anywhere in his life except maybe to jail cuz hes a drug dealer

Naperville Central
by itelldatruthBITCH November 22, 2009
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