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The hangover-like feeling one experiences when waking up from a mid-day nap. (Most likely won't experience nap hangover if nap does not exceed 30 minutes).
"Yo that nap hangover is really messin you up, you shouldnt'a taken that nap"
by Denis Treavorson May 23, 2008
The sensation of grogginess, temporal displacement, and nausea that sometimes follows a poorly placed nap.
I can't sleep now- I'll be useless all afternoon from nap hangover.
by kalirush February 07, 2008
The groggy, tired, unable-to-open-one's-eyes feeling that one can experience after a midday nap.
I fell asleep on accident, and not only did I lose the hour I slept for, but I lost another hour or two to the nap hangover.
by kalirush September 13, 2006
The headache, numbness, and discomfort that is experienced by a person when a power nap turned into a 4-hour nap marathon. It's when a 30-minute nap turns into a 4-hour nap that is not quite long enough to qualify for a true sleeping session.
It's 7PM on a Friday night. You decide to take a 30 minute nap, so that you'll have more energy for the weekend's events. 4 hours later, the intended 30 minute power nap turned into a 4-hour nap marathon.

Eddie: What time is?

Jane: It's 11PM

Eddie: Oh man! I was supposed to wake up before 8PM to meet up with the guys, but now I have this crazy headache.

Jane: You are experiencing a naphangover.
by mischief81 July 24, 2010
The fuzzy, drowsy, and nauseous feeling that follows a long napping period, usually lasting 15-30 minutes.
Kyle: Why does Danny seem so tiresome?
Joe: He's still recuperating from his nap hangover, Mr. Patterson's lecture on electromagnetism put him to sleep.
by Johnzy November 19, 2011
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