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The best person IN THE WORLD! Naominator is a nickname between Naomi and Terminator that's given to only the best Naomi's to prove how AMAZING they are! Naominators can accomplish ANYTHING - including stealing their best friends man drama-free! Not that one should, but it's easily accomplished amongst. Naominators are rare, as well as bro-goddesses that should be treated perfectly. When approached by a Naominator, one must immediately stop what they're doing and approach them by yelling "NAOMINATOR!" and running towards one to greet them.
Emma: Dude, I totally just saw a Naominator in our school!
Lauren: No, really? I thought they were a myth!
Emma: Yeah I know right me t- NAOMINATOR!
Naominator - Wassup!
by Emmanator:) July 05, 2011
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