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Smallest Con possible
A Tourist oriented Con
A mall con that changes countries every year
The only con that lasts 2 weeks
Where is nanocon?
Who goes to nanocon?
Why is nanocon so secret?
by SirLance September 26, 2003
Noun. The longest hacker con on the planet. A gathering of a few select individuals to discuss various topics from hacking, computers to beer. Founded by three people, Sirlance, Dig and Kamakize at Defcon 9.

Nanocon is now in it's third year, each time meeting in Germany. Nanocon 4 will be gathering in the united States.
"Where is my invite to Nanocon."
"Where is Nanocon this year?"
"Nanocon, What Nanocon?"
"Pass me another beer, sir"
by Kamakize April 23, 2004
N. A small con that is an offshoot of Defcon IX. Formed in 2002 with three guys, Sirlance, D1g and Kamakize. Nanocon Has met the previous two years in Germany and is a travelling con, along with the world's smallest.
"Come to Nanocon and get drunk"
"Where is nanocon, and where is my invite?"
by Kamakize September 24, 2003
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