a word used to show affection.
My sister calls me Nank- and has done so for the last 34 yrs.
by Nank April 27, 2006
Top Definition
Used in West London of the united kingdom; a slang term for a knife.
by SOUTHALLUB2 July 04, 2011
The opposite of the word "Thanks" which is "No-Thanks" in a shorter, easier way. Usually used as a joke.
John: "Hey man, you want to go grab some Pizza?"
Mark: "Nanks man, I just ate some Tacobell"
Mark: *Farts*
by Crombez240 June 30, 2009
Adjective: Used in the same manner as many people use "retarded", it refers to a situation, person, or thing that is ill-equipped for life due to an obvious defect.

It is derived from the hypothetical situation in which Frank Sinatra has an affair with his own daughter, Nancy, and they bestow their new inbred love child with the moniker "Nank," a portmanteau of their own names.

This is preferred over "retarded" or "gay" because of its low level of offense to various groups of people (i.e., individuals who actually are mentally challenged or gay). Frank and Nancy might not prefer it, but that's what they get for engaging in fictional incest.
"Jewel's cover of These Boots Are Made for Walkin' was totes nank."

"My anti-Semite grandmother cut me out of her will because my wife's Jewish."
"Man, that's nank."

"I read somewhere that Frank Sinatra had sex with his daughter and the two bore a child together."
"Ew, that's nank."

"That toddler just put toothpaste in his eye."
"Oh, that's Nank."
by Nank Sinatra March 25, 2009
to engage into sexual activity with oneself before taking a rest. combination of the words "nap" and "wank" (british english for masturbation)
i was really relaxed after the nank i had this afternoon
by achim brandenburg January 16, 2007
Chavvy, slangy word from London meaning "nothing"
What? I aint said nank to that sket
by Bellie June 20, 2008
nickname for my friend nicola
hey nank come over here
by michael farrant July 22, 2004
Active verb: To accidentally reveal that you are transgendered.

Passive verb: To be revealed as a bisexual through no action of your own.
Erica's mom nanked him when she read her diary.
by Shanya Almafeta April 06, 2004
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