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this word is referred to a person who is accused of being trustworthy and selfless, who takes care of stature and respect of others. One of the synonym of this word is caring and kind. the origin of this word is Persian. People named Nangyal are of a humble nature yet they can amaze you with their straight forwardness and sharp thinking.People named nangyal happen to be very sharp and grasp alot of things, they have an ability to flourish in everything they do. It is popularly believed that being around a person named "Nangyal" brings good luck and happiness
Persian translated examples:
This guy is very nangyal as when ever i see him he is helping others.
One gives his belongings to a person who is reputed to be a nangyal and not to the bank in this village, and they can relax as they know nothing will happen to their belongings while in that persons care
by persian baba January 11, 2012
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