In the late 1970's, Nancy Reagan, after many hours of having her husbands cabinet run a train on her anus, invented anal gaping, skat play, and homosexuality. Later inspiring two Asian lesbians to eat poop out of a cup. See two girls one cup.
In her early life the whore Nancy Reagan was forced into prostitution by her father Emperor Palpatine. At first that whore Nancy Reagan didn't enjoy her lot in life, but after several beatings and ten stitches in her anus she developed a liking to having several items in her anus at once. While in prostitution she rose to the top by staying on the bottom and began her research on how to control the hippie population.
After teaming up shortly with a parallel universe's strait Glen Beck from the future, she was told the key to defeating the hippies was her future husband Ronald Reagan, and the development of HIV. Unfortunately even the parallel strait Glen Beck from the future is still a stupid whiney little biatch, who is always wrong. And it all went terribly awry.
In the year 3011, the zombie whore Nancy Reagan will attempt to take over the human race with shaved spider monkeys and Asian lesbians into skat play. See Scientology.
The whore Nancy Reagan is a character in a play called reality.
Two Girls One Cup
You are such a Nancy Reagan!
Oh my god the horror their is so much skat I think I just took a Nancy Reagan!
Did your hear about Jessica, I think she is a Nancy Reagan now.
The doctors said I have Nancy Reagan disease, no saving the rectum.
by The whore Nancy Reagan March 26, 2011
Top Definition
Street slang for a kilo of Cocaine, Coke or just simply Crack. This type of drug is the most distributed substance amongst kingpins and dealers. This drug is most lucrative next to Heroin. Crack will destroy the mind and the body making you a stupid tweaker like Pookie from New Jack City. It is highly addictive and will cause you to change to a different person and will eventually kill you.
Tyler: Hey you got some of that Crack
Big Tate: Bitch how dare you com'up out here saying that shit you know I got niggaz watchi me.
Tyler: Sorry bro, hey is Nancy Reagan around?
Big Tate: Yea 10 a pop holla at me the frat party tonight.
by Lil Tate May 20, 2010
The protagonist (and most ignorant) of all anti-drug campaigners.
My name is Nancy Reagan and drugs are bad. I also don't have the slightest idea what I'm talking about, but the government sure does a good brain-washing job.
by Harrison Adams July 30, 2008
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