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A general exclamation of discontent,
Can be heightened in conjunction with curse words for best effect.
Has no real tense or word catagory so can be used in any way
"That text woke me up, Namp fucking Namp"
"You fucking Namper!"
"You're Namping me off here!"
"Don't be a Namp"
"I am Nampin'!"
you get the picture.
by Queen of the Namp June 04, 2009
(noun): A guyspeak exclamation for an incredibly hot/attractive female.

The term "Namps" is a derivative of and evolved from the term "damn," --> "namn" --> "namps." The term can be used in mixed company as the definition is virtually unknown to females.

(adjective): namply; nampish.

A woman who is too far away to clearly see but may possibly be very attractive is called a "Potential Namps". When she walks by and it's confirmed she is hot, the correct expression is "Namps Realized."
"Did you see those two Namps walk by?"

"Look at the plethora of Namps at this party"

"I went out with the biggest Namps last night, and she doesn't even know the magnitude of how hot she is"

by Nick WB. July 03, 2008
An acronym that stands for "Naked After Morning Poop". Used in the context of weighing oneself. It is best to weigh "naked after morning poop" because doing so yields an accurate representation of one's true weight due to the fact that clothes and fecal matter unnecessarily increase one's overall weight.
I weigh 145 lbs NAMP.
by itpax January 02, 2009
its all good in the hood
im out, NAMP
by Eric Milano October 27, 2003
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