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Supreme being, One able of accomplishing great deeds and brags about them on the internet. Synonyms include PimpMaster and God.

Naldos have a liking for Hos and humungous bootys
Da Nalfo fuck all o them hos.
by Naldo October 09, 2004
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A Nalgene used as a dildo.

Either anally or vaginally.

Sometimes orally after anally.

Typically used after regular dildos have just stopped doing the trick.

Chris: Yo dude totally boned some Slusherbait last friday.
Avery: Yeah unfortunately i just played with my Naldo.
by Avery HILL December 02, 2013
(n.)short version of the name "Renaldo," which is:
1. a person who doesn't care what kind of cigarettes you smoke--he just wants one;
2. a person who claims that he has quit smoking but constantly bums cigarettes off of you.
3. a person who will sell you out and make you sleep outside after you drove all night to hang out in, say, Austin.
4. a poser from Louisiana
Barrett: What kind of cigarettes does Naldo smoke?
Chris: i don't know. What kind?
Barrett: Any kind you got.
Chris: Yeah, naldo is a dick. He thinks he's cool, but the only people who like him are the ones who don't really know him.
Barrett: i agree, the fucking bum.
by JcBibble December 16, 2007

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