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Cute, funny, sympathetic, caring, wild, daring.
Always grateful for what she has, rarely jealous.
Messy at times, but has an inner neat-freak.
Has a great sense of humour.
Gorgeous, stunning, beautiful.
Woah. What a Nakayla
by chicaa.(: October 09, 2010
Very Smart, Sexy, and Curious. Cute and has beautiful curves. Always happy have. Positive thoughts. Always in to have a good time. Very Open and Opionated. A REAL UNDERCOVER FREAK or Outter Freak. (Sexual way). Has high expectation and is very generous. Most likely to have 2 children. And most likely to have 6 figure or even more. Loves paranormal things. She's honest, respectful, kind, and carring. Most likely to work in the Medical Field.❤😘😘
You r so Nakayla. 😘😘
by _ Wow Tremiaa_ March 27, 2015
a girl often mistaken for a man
when discoverd a women usually called butch
beast or large buffalo
dude:hey she looks like a nakayla!
dude2: yah she must run wild
by holister February 09, 2008

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