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A man of middle eastern origen who makes a living by having sexual intercorse with donkeys.
Jeeze mate, that lebonese guy back there was a right najib
by james152442661 October 22, 2007
A man with an exceptionally big rod
That man is Najib
by Big rod van ding dong December 25, 2008
An Arabic name meaning "Of noble descent."
Najib is pronounced "nah-JEEB."
by Arabman25 April 18, 2010
A loving father and confident man of asian decent. He struggles with making logical decisions and following his heart. He is smart and kind and gentle. Najib is unselfish and wants to see the best in others. He is funny and sarcastic and with age he gains wisdom and wealth.
I love Najib
by bestofyou October 11, 2011

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