another name for a guy with only one ball. either been lost from an accident or fallen off at birth. a najd is a boy or man owning one testicle.

*you have a najd now, but the testicular cancer is no more
by bob the cow March 15, 2007
Top Definition
Najd is an addictive drug. Can only be used by goodlooking people. Once you've had Najd/ been Najd you can never go back. Only approach Najd if you have balls.

You've been Najd.
I think you've had too much Najd.
I'm so addicted to Najd.
by its the man from January 02, 2007
To counter a rough sexual act with a rougher sexual act resulting in bleeding, unconsciousness, or vomiting of the female or male (if your gay) partner, capping it off with a facial.
I naj'd the girl into the door after she tried to choke me.
by Tim123456 May 26, 2010
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