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A huge Hungarian slut who loves dick in her ass. Typically older than fifty but has the energy of a sex crazed panther. Will fit as many dicks as possible in as many holes as possible. Most have a skinny ass faggot grandson who sucks dick at life that films her in all of her movies. Don't let there brittle body fool you they will take until they bleed. Also the powdered breast milk seems weird but acts as a great lube. Once you break the crust around the vagina you don't even notice that it is older than you are. If her vagina stanks just pull off some back wrinkles and make a makeshift pussy. They're usually the ones who starts the origies in most nursing homes. You can't believe how moist that crusty vagina can get. After sex you can make a nice loaf of bread from their twenty year old yeast infection. Remember to be courteous and change her adult diaper when you're finished.
"Matt your Naj Mama fucked me good last night"

"Yea I know, I filmed it"
by I63 May 28, 2014
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