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1. (n) Sour underwear with a white milk-like substance. 2. (n) A man-whore. See gigalo. 3. (v) A bad, foul, nasty, perverted, "no go" action. 4. (n) The rising of a particular body part after stimulation. See erection. 5. (v) Ass raped by a certain SY.
6. (n) A bitch who's SO gonna get genitated by Da Ge, Er Ge and Xiao Di at the Lock in.

This word has gay finish roots.

"i got naiqued by several local chinese workers" - Naiqu Sun

"I always knew that naiqu was a naiqu, but i never realized how i'd get a naiqu in my pants after seeing him being naiqued for just two seconds!" - SY
by Sang Young October 25, 2004
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