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As always, Nahiyan absolutely amazing friend. He's a friend you meet once in a life time. You will never meet someone like Nahiyan. Loose friendship with Nahiyan and your life will never be the same...This person can share happiness and laughter instantly. Never ever in your life loose friendship with Nahiyan. You'll regret or have a life that will never be the same.
girl 1 : Hey, are you gonna watch the game?

girl 2 : ...Did you say Nahiyan?

girl 1 : *facepalm* No! Man, you must hear Nahiyan in every sentence.

girl 2 : * -.-' * *sighs
by CanYouPleasePassTheButter February 03, 2014
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How should I say this...? AHA. Someone who can do 60 push ups in 1 minute. Someone that really does care and has some sense of humor. If you are sad or need help, Nahiyan is the right person to gives you great advice. He has 3 best friends. A guy who laughs too much and another guy who would crack up jokes. Nahiyan would be always be made fun of by his 2 friends, "NAYAN NAYAN." One thing is for sure, Nahiyan is good friends but when it comes to school, he tries his best. Nahiyan is a type of person who has a very low pitched voice.
Girl 1: "Hey, who's that?"
Girl 2: "That's the new kid, Nahiyan."
Girl 1: "Dope."
by CanYouPleasePassTheButter December 13, 2013
A very caring, charming, and strong person. He doesn't look the best, but is generally the type of person you'd want to hang out with.
"Hey there Nahiyan, how's it going?"
by Amazingnessintheheart December 11, 2013

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