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A girl who is just perfect and as beautiful as her name. Tall, smart, intelligent , pretty and you will fall for her like the star she is. A dream girl for any guy, if she becomes yours she will rock your word. In short a beautiful star.
I thought I was done with love but she was such a Naheed that I just fell head over heels for her.
by Be_Mine July 29, 2011
31 11
Adjective. Describing an Incredibly Sexy young man who is both romantic but sexy, smart but funny. Well rounded and appeals to all audiences.
His naheedly sense of taste made him extremely successful.
by sukstobeu March 17, 2009
34 14
A very attractive,sexy girl with beautiful eyes and gorgeous physique

A girl who is very flirtatious and a bit of a tease

A girl if she isn't yours you wish you would have never met her at all, so unforgettable!
'Oh look she's such a Naheed' (sexy)
by Mrgeek567 September 11, 2013
2 0