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1. The perception of something in the atmosphere around you being very naggerish (cheeply niggerfied)

2. A neighborhood of naggers. (Kingdom - Naggerdom)

3. The act of shaddyness and darkness.

4. More then one thing not working properly.
"These broken phones and loud people is just full of Naggerdom."

"Dang gon` Naggerdom all up in here naggerville with them nagger boom boom boxies fuckin` naggers."

"Compton is a Naggerdom."
#nigger #nagger #kingdom #shady #shadyness
by D B-ski July 28, 2006
1.anything associated with naggers.
2.term stated by dave chappelle in an episode of his. act of being a nigger.
sir, i am in not in ANY way shape or form, associated with any naggerdom.
#nigger #black #shit #birmingham booty call #rimjob #monkey
by majorTEARAGE August 03, 2007
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