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Naen is an amazing girl,known as a kink,who is usually in a group of friends. She loves music-listening to it and playing an instrument. Shes funny, can do some great horror film character impersonations-like the grudge or something else. She may have moved but is beautiful, kind, willing and smart,also lazy, and has a secret she would never tell any of her friends-like not being able to do something such as go outside to play with them,going somewhere every weekend(like a city or a country or a friends house)and makes some lies to their friends like having an argument with a sister.....
1.A nickname given.
2.From Korea
3.Familiar to Jinky.
4.Familiar to Chinky
5.Someone who does unappropriate things.
by prettygorgeousgirlwooooooxxx July 28, 2011
Northern County Durham pronunciation of "now then" meaning hello.
"Na'en mate" "na'en"
by kipatsea May 06, 2015
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