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Rafael Nadal's tennis nickname among tennis experts.



Dull (Based on his playing style, also often referred to as 'Moonballing')


Jimmy: "John, did you watch Nadull play yesterday?"
John: "Yea sorta.. Last thing I remember was Nadull standing on the T-line, fingering his butt.. that's where I lost it."
Jimmy: "How do you mean you lost it?"
John: "I wacked out, hit my head with a wooden racquet and passed out for the next few hours while having one of my worst nightmares ever."
Jimmy: "Noo, not the man-eating linesmen again!"
John: "No, worse. Nadull was leading the ranking!"
Jimmy: "It's just a bad dream, everything is alright"
by BigMac84 July 20, 2009
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