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1)A mean,condescending,arrogant bitch who happens to be your roommate
2)A roommate from hell who everyone hates.
3)Any person especially girl who treats her roommate horribly and expects her to be nice 7 affable towards her
4)A classmate who is jealous of your achievement and damage your reputation in any way

The word is quite popular in Indian culture and is quite commonly used.It is being increasingly used in neighboring countries.The word is derogatory.
1)"OMG!My roommate happens to a Nadish.what am i supposed to do?"
2)Dude,I'm in deep roommate is a Nadish.
3)Mandy:"Last night my roommate didn't turn the fan off,even though I told her that i was sick."
Sandy:"God,you're so kind-hearted.I would have slapped her right there."
4)Nady:"Congratulations on scoring well on the test."
Mandy:"Stop pretending to be nice.I know that you are just jealous.You ugly nadish."
by Mandyknowsbest July 09, 2012
Noun:Mean and selfish person.
Verb:Selfish behaviour.
Popular term used in norway
"Hey Cassandra,Stop being a nasty nadish."
"Jacob is an evil nadish person."
by emiliepopy November 04, 2013

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