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Ahh what can i say. Its the bestest of friends. It means loving to drink dubayan coffee and hanging out in the salon while drinking sprite and eating kit-kat. :)
It makes brownies , and it tells each other about everything. Its sorta like:
(if you fall,im there to catch you)
It also talks on the phone a lot, even form ross.
It is the coolest thing in the world.
-Thats my best friend fart
-Skinny, and Bony -Go to Jamaica -Hersheys, and Crunch -Bracelets -Brunetes, and Redheads
-Soo..Yeahh... laughs -Oh My God -Yeaa
-Call me you loser -Merry Early sChristmas :)
-What on Earth are you talking about? -I LOVE YOUU
-&& theres so much more
Nadia and Iqra is so cool
by woahitsnadia January 08, 2008
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