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From the Latin route, awesomeness, the name Nadea is very unusual. She's a once in a lifetime type of female - just like her name. She has a big heart and is filled with compassion. She loves unconditionally because that's all she knows. She fills her days with friends, and family because that's what she's about. She's athletic, smart, sexy, and does all the wrong things right. She's never wrong, and is always determined to win any argument. She's a wildcard, she lives free, and doesn't like being secluded. She's totally loveable. Others might think of her as a pushover, but in fact, she just doesn't know how to hurt anyone.
Boy: Hey I love you. I think you're amazing, Nadea.

Boy: No, that's the wrong answer!
Nadea: No. You suck, I'm right. :)
Boy: Okay, you're right.........
by ND53 July 19, 2012
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