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Pronounced "Nan-guh", a phrase used by the aliens in the film Alien, Alien 2, Alien 3, etcetera, etcetera...
The phrase has its roots in Latin, and can be roughly translated into the English - "My ovaries are too large for this capillary" or words to that effect.
It is believed that a human can re-enact the phrase most effectively if they sit square on the "Poo-Sack", see my next entry, and fill their mouth with a Tesco's version of a miniature Mars Bar, Milky Way Bar, and a Bounty Bar, whilst watching an Alien film, allowing the saliva to build up severly before uttering "Nan-guh".
Klebennjukio marlfdifnj naarnnnnggg sopponghy flaskiuty mandem.
by J-Wizzle-Wizzle January 17, 2010
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