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Native Mobile. That is, things on your phone or tablet that look like they belong there instead of belonging on a crappy web page.
Facebook tried writing their mobile app using HTML5, but gave up and went totally NaMo. Thank God!

We asked Krishna if we could add some simple animations to our Android app, and he completely NaMoed it out with a spinning list view transition, dancing pandas, and light saber sounds.

I don't always show ads, but when I do, I prefer NaMo ads.
by benbaby February 21, 2013
Nemo's long lost fish brother who was was killed by a barracuda before birth.
OMG, did you see that Disney movie "Finding Namo". It was so cute.

Yeah, I liked it almost as much as the "The Lion Kong". But not as much as "The Little Marmaid".
by alexthegood February 19, 2013
Buildup of skin and other crud found between the foreskin and penis.
Mel Gibson has an insane amount of Namo.
by Twat Muffin March 07, 2005
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