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1. A universal word which can be used to express many different feelings including excitement, dismay, anger(incorporated with a death stare), aggression, and sometimes it is nothing more than a reason to hear ones own voice
2. What squirrels say
3. A crayfish who lives with Stache
$. Just say it and you will fall in love with it
1. Nyahh!!
2. From squirrel A to squirrel B: "Nyahh!"
3. Nyahh!!
by CAck Master June 25, 2003
A simple, fun word that has several meanings. Soe examples: "I don't care", "Go away." (when given with a flick of a hand), an unexpected, completely logical answer to ANYTHING, "leave me alone", or occasionally, "I like pie."
For some reason, saying this is debate class gets you detention, although I find it almost always makes more sense than anything those other losers are saying.
person A: you're an idiot.
person b: NYAHH!
by Amaya Sakaruta_ June 30, 2010
The native sound of a kid who lives in the library and has pale skin and never likes to be in the sun.
*Enters library* 'NYAHHH!!' *and gets attacked by pale skin kids!
by Pasty Haters: ME, ANTRON February 24, 2005
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