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Greatest sports club in the history of the world. Regularly shit on the Gay as all hell Boston red Faggots! Winners of 26, count'em, 26 world championships in the last 80-something years compared to the boston fag boys 1!
The NY Yankees didn't just beat the ever living piss out of the Red Sox they straight shat in they mouths and fucked they mothers at the same damn time!
by Daragh "innit?" McGuinness July 19, 2006
One Of The Most Hated Teams In The MLB!
*Wonders into Town*

Obituaries Today......

Derek, The Scum Who Loved The Yankees.
by Seagulls of Satan August 01, 2008
A bunch of overpaid dick sucking faggots that can't win a world series even though they try to buy it.
The NY Yankees are a team with over paid Niggers, Gooks, Spicks and cracker, everyone should hate this ethnic cookie of a team.
by tito santana June 09, 2007
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