means no
Bella : hey leilani you Duh pretty
Leilani ;Nus LOL >,<
by asdfghjkl;as September 05, 2011
Top Definition
National Union of Students. Join and you get a free card that gets you 20% off at pizza hut, 10% at hmv and uh...thats pretty much it.
bouncers don't accept nus cards as id because its easy for 16 yr olds to lie on the application form
by me old fruity August 03, 2005
Short for "anus" (an insult)
Bob: Dude, I dropped your toothbrush in the toilet last week!
BoBo: You nus!
by King of Hillbillies October 25, 2010

Mostly used by people attempting to remove entries on UD.
I would guess that at least 90% of the definitions here are NUS.
by aaronak October 20, 2004
Short for anus.
I imagine Justine's 'nus was quite sore after the intense buggering she endured.
by Morgan Digiovanni June 06, 2009
a penis. like if you pronounced it (pea-nus).
I really like you, and my nus seems to feel the same way.
by blizzyblaze August 07, 2007
A non-combative, friendly anus.
Wow, was that anus friendly. He was a nus.
by Helen February 15, 2005
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