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normally paired with the term jah. see nuff jah
how nuff jah!
by steve November 16, 2003
20 31
gangsta way of sayin 'enough'
That geeza got nuff cash.
I got nuff dough 2 buy jungle of ganja!
by masta kay August 23, 2003
47 59
A good amount of hair surrounding the nipple on a female
"Hai Sabrina, you're sooo gonna inherit all that Nuff"
by >w<Boomer December 11, 2009
11 31
Also called a right-handed pig, nuffs are people who are right handed (yes, I do relize that the majority of the world is right handed. I'm right handed, too!) If you are ever called a nuff, it means that you have not accepted the left-handed way of life. If you have talked to a left-handed person, and they have allowed you to accept the left-handed path, you are considered a "half breed". Also, teaching yourself to write with your left hand does not make you a "pure" lefty, you must be born left-handed!
Chuck, no matter how hard you try, you will always be a right-handed nuff!
by Sebastian Anderson November 22, 2006
8 28
Hawaiian pidgin for "enough".
Guy 1: You like more gas?
Guy 2: Nah, nuff already.
by kanakaman December 13, 2004
23 43
1) A statement to express inner calm and tranquility.
2) Has been more recently misconceived of not being bothered or not having the energy to do something.
1) nuff nuff nuff (repeat till fade)
2) feeling nuffed or feeling the nuff
by Jonny November 16, 2004
2 23
Acronym: non-union fucking faggott
Our foreman is a NUFF
by viviandarkbloom October 10, 2007
2 26