Normal Sleep Pattern:
Since computer geeks have no life and stay at their computer watching pr0n and talking with foreign people until early morning, they need to come back to a NSP for turning their poor existence into a normal life.
Geek: Sorry, these days I tried to come back to the NSP so I haven’t been online for too long!

Geek #2: I wish I could do it too, and having a real life!
by Gabozz January 16, 2005
Need some pussy. A word you critisize late virgins.
Related word: GSP (Get some pussy)
Nerd 1: Hey I've played WoW for 11 hours straight!
Nerd 2: Hey, you never broke my record of 12 days in a row!
Nerd 1 & 2: We rather play WoW!!
by jordyyy March 07, 2008
see: naked sex parade

Naked Sex Parade &also: Naked(unprotected)Sex Parade
"jen refuses to give me NSP"
by hotdonutsnow February 04, 2004

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