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Katie: I had so much fun with you at the NSN concert last night!
Sarah: OMG! Me too! He's the cuuuutest :) i could eat him.
by WellHello123 June 11, 2010
Internet acronym for "Not so nice".
Luca: why do you leave the server immediately?
Luca: I was going to tell you to f*** off
Nigel: :(
Nigel: nsn
Luca: nsn?
by zkyp ;> January 17, 2008
Need Some News
When you're bored and after checking all social sites, you still can't find anything interesting. Tends to make the person feel like a loser.
John: Dude, I'm so bored.
Bob: Yea, me too bro.
John: I really NSN

Jackie: Being home from school is pretty fun, but after a few hours, I really NSN

Jamie: Oh wow, look at her watching us.
Dawn: Yea she really NSN
by kkmj14 December 21, 2011
An acronym for 'neither straight nor single', often used among groups of teenage girls watching groups of teenage boys. Pronounced 'nuss-nuss', and can be used as an adjective.
"That one's very fit. Pity he's a NSNS"

"He's nussy."
by Redwaluc September 02, 2006