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Not Safe For Anyone. Not only are all NSFA things considered NSFW, but you would look at these things at home, with the curtains closed, and no one watching you. Borderline disgusting to most reasonable people. Known to corrupt small children.
Bob: hey, want to see my image folder on the server?
Steve: k, sure
Steve: *checks and sees it's full of guro*
Steve: good god, nsfa tag, maybe!?
by NordsternMN February 09, 2008
NSFA - Not Safe For Australia

Due to stories spread in January 2010 about Australia banning small breasted women in pornography due to "promotion of paedophilia" a new meme was created to indicate if a photo/video is considered illegal in Australia.
Damn, I bet those titties are NSFA!
by Atlantis69 January 29, 2010
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