NSA is an abbreviation for "Nuclear Shit Attack". This is when you have a sudden and powerful onset of diarrhea that comes clear out of the blue. Can lead to sharting and other embarassing situations.
I had to give up my place in line when I was suddenly hit with an NSA!
by scorpio169 March 15, 2010
Acronym for The National Scrabble Association. Most common members are pussies.
Hey man, want to join the NSA?
No, I don't have a pussy.
by TheShadowFox October 13, 2010
see also Big Brother and 1984.

They listen to every radio transmission/telephone call/ etc. etc.
If it's got an antenna attached to it, the NSA is listening
by IrishRepublicanArmy November 13, 2003
"No strings attached" in reference to sex. When gay men use this term, it means that they are using their sexuality as an excuse to avoid commitment or cheat on their partner. Generally, gay men that use this term begin using it at an early age and will continue to use it until they are in their 40s and finally realize that they are now too old to just hook up, but they are totally alone because gay men their age are either in real relationships or only interested in young men that use this term. They come to regret their years of NSA lifestyle and wish that they had focused on more important things than sex.
"Looking for hot NSA action. I don't want to know your name, just have sex with me."

"A date? Ha! I am totally into NSA fun only!"

"My partner is out of town. Come over for some NSA action."
by JDnyc September 27, 2012
The National Scrabble Association. This organization sanctions Scrabble tournaments across the country and is the sponsoring entity for the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.
The 2005 National Scrabble Championship was won by NSA member Dave Weigand of Portland Oregon over 19 year old Thai phenom Panupol Sujjayakorn.
by nsa member December 22, 2005
No Shit Assessment. The whole truth, not sugar-coated, dumbed down, or a best guess.
I don't know how long it will take to fix, I need an NSA of the problem.
by jantman October 05, 2007
No Strings Attached. A 'guest recovery' device used by Disney theme parks as a resolution for complaints or to create a 'magical moment'.
A man drops his Mouse Ears inside of Indiana Jones and they are destroyed when a ride vehicle runs over them. After explaining that he lost his hat in the ride, a cast member provides him with an NSA for a new hat...free of charge. The man then feels better about his experience at disneyland.
by Mouseketeer Tom December 20, 2005

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