No Reason Boner; an erection that pops up outta nowhere.
spoken as: en are bee, or nerb.
"Yeah man, the cop wanted me to get outta the car, but i had an N R B so i just took the heat."
"We broke up (other dude: "why man?"), got a fucking N R B at her grammas funeral."
"If i dont stop gettin nerbs i gonna cut the fucking thing off!!"
#nerd #tenting #pop-ups #boners #hornywang
by 6IXTY 1NE July 25, 2006
Top Definition
Short for "No Reason Boner." Generally, an erection that has no inherent cause other than a young man's hormones going crazy. The term is usually used to clear sexual tension when other prepubescent boys notice a bulge originating in your crotch area.
"For Christ's sake Dave."

"heh heh...::nervous laughter:: talk about a NRB. I sure hope the 10th graders don't see me."
#boner #puberty #hormones #erection #jogging pants
by desperryado October 03, 2005
No Reason Boner
I was sitting in class when I got a huge NRB.
by Joey February 26, 2003
Noun. NRB ( No Reason Boner)
This is what all male humans experience spontaneously, occuring from the early ages of adolesence to even in some rare cases senilty. NRB can attack men unkowningly, silently, and suddenly causing possible embarassing situations or even discomfort.
Zach was wearing basketball shorts walking to third period when he suddenly got an NRB and caused laughter and jeering from students around him.
#erections #sudden erections #embarassing erections #sneaky erections #boners
by Ktang March 30, 2006
No Reason Boner.......
Phil cracked an NRB in class.
#unprompted fat #uncalled for wood #premature erection #unexpected stiffy #unwanted hard penis
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
No Reason Boner, getting an erectefied penis for no specific reason.
"dude, yesterday in math class I got a huge N.R.B. out of nowhere.
by Lorenzo October 12, 2004
No reason Boner. A hard on achieved with no apparent explanation.
I got a N.R.B. this morning at church.
I got a N.R.B. right in the middle of Schindler's List.
by B.O.B. April 04, 2003
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