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abb. n.
Not Quite Right, refers to one who either is, or appears to be mentally retarded.
"what's up with him?"
"Dunno, he looks a little NQR"
by got_human? February 11, 2005
1.Something Not Quite Right.

2. Where you see something that looks attractive at first but when you have a closer look you realise that you something is not adding up but you can't put your finger on what it is.
"Wow, that chick is hot...hang on a sec...her eyes are too close together...damn it, she's NQR!"

"hey guys, look at the body on that girl! She is amazing!" friend: "it's a dude you homo!"
First guy "hmm, that's NQR"
by J. Depor December 21, 2009
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