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NPSO or Non-Playable Sex Object is an extension of the term NPC (Non-Playable Character)

Most often a female character (usually a prostitute) in a video game who has no character or agency in the game world. They merely exist to add atmosphere or to be sexual objectified.

Some games are more interactive than others, such as GTA, where you pick up and use prostitutes. Many NPSO have dialog meant to re-assert the game players sexual dominance or masculinity. Examples might be, "I could ride you all night honey" and "Mmm mmm. I'd give you a taste for free."

The primary difference between and NPC and NPSO is that NPSOs are completely sexual. They may not even have the same responses to action in the gameworld as other characters. An example of this might be, not running from gunfire and just vacantly playing their dancing/stripping animations.
Games like Grand Theft Auto and Far Cry use NPSOs to create a taboo atmosphere.

I wonder how many of the 5000 NPCs in Assassins Creed are NPSO.
by SearchFHG June 20, 2014

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