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NPOW Stands for Neutral Point of View. On Wikipedia moderators abuses there powers. They ban users and delete articles, with the excuse that they are written in a non neutral POW. They might aswell write/say pwnd instead.
Wikipedia Moderator 1#: Haha I deleted an article and banned a user because his article was not 100 % NPOV.
Wikipedia Moderator 2#: LOL he got POVned, heh I've said that so many times now so I might aswell say pwned instead.
Wikipedia Moderator 1#: Yea I agree, let's go and delete som newcreated articles because they only are stubs so far.
by Emile Kobbi December 10, 2007
Neutral Point of View
NPOV is a fundamental Wikipedia principle which states that all articles must be written from a neutral point of view, representing views fairly and without bias.
by Todd March 29, 2006