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No panty friday. This tradition includes both men and women of all ages. (For boys, this DOES include boxers). If a person goes commando more than just fridays, feel free to substitute the F with other days of the week. This is not to be confused with NCS (no clothes saturday).
"You're NPF today, right??"
"ummm, I'm wearing a skirt. Of course I'm wearing panties"
"But today is friday..."
"Today is friday? Oh my gosh, give me 30 seconds. I'll be right back!"
#commando #free #pantiless #no underwear day #no underwear friday
by BINA! November 11, 2011
Text/internetspeak abbreviation for: "no problem, friend."
Jon: thanks for your help :)
Jane: npf; lemme know if you need anything else
#nbd #np #bfd #no worries #hakuna matata
by stellarfuzz August 05, 2014
Not Particulary Fond Of Saying or
Never Pay For Shit
yo, i'm trying to rock the NPFS steez this weekend, cause i aint got no chips to put up on the purples
by looting August 03, 2003
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