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The name of a Toronto based street label designed by British designer Thelonius Poon and dance choreographer David Forteau. Founded in Toronto, NOZO has two divisions, NOZO Black Label for high end couture pieces, and NOZO Blue Label for ready to wear. NOZO is one of the few independent streetwear brands in Canada, and does limited run on all it's pieces.
Yo there's 300 kids rocking NOZO snapbacks on Queen street right now.
by nozolife April 18, 2013
1. (noun) A H and M mother fucker that gets very angry easily and they tends to be very short and waxes their eyebrows often.

2. (verb) When an Asian gets very mad
"Eric Wang just pulled a nozo!"

"That nozo has anger problems"
by JZandmaybeE December 19, 2011

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