N.O.W. Stands for "Nasty Overweight Woman"

1. A group of women that are always screeching about their rights to abortion, even though nothing with a dick would get within fifty feet of them (not counting their girlfriends with a strap-on)

2. The lowest form of human life that vilify every man as a rapist & violent just to maintain their fear control over other women.
Guy 1: "Did you hear that N.O.W. cow ranting at the party last night?"

Guy 2: " Yeah, if she wasn't so ugly I would have stuck my dick in her mouth just to shut her up"
by CrazyAndyD October 21, 2012
The Nazi Organization of Women.
NOW's official slogan is "HEIL CLITLER!!!"
by CT Vigilante July 04, 2006
the magic word; used when someone doesn't understand that something should be done at the current time and not later.
amanda: can i have a pass?
retarded librarian: what is the magic word?
amanda: ...now?
by i am soo effing cool February 20, 2005
A never ending series of crappy music. I think we're up to Now 57...I'm serious do a google search for Now 57 cd.
Now 57?! When will the fucking madness end?!
by TekNo May 02, 2004
A national organization for bull dykes, diesel dykes, and radical feminists.
Don't open that door for me, you vile pig! I belong to NOW!
by Tuna Wanda May 21, 2005
The Nazi Organization of Women.
NOW's official slogan is "HEIL CLITLER!!!"
by CT Vigilante May 26, 2006
the beginning of the rest of your life
start doing now what you wanted to do the rest of your life
by ida c. February 10, 2007
Those music CD's you see on t.v. It's up to NOW 60. Look it up on Google its true.
*Announcer*:get your "NOW Thats what I call music" with a payment of only $19.99!
by now thats what i call music May 11, 2005

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