the place know by its residents to have the best hiphop by FAR, the people hella real and hella hustle, and have almost an entire language of slang. MJs practically leagal and all other drugs are barely even partrolled...youll never want to leave. if you bring anything up here reppin socal you know youll get some dirty looks, or worse..
Socal: The stuff you guys have up here is dank, so soo, really much....

Norcaler: are you trying to say "hella"?
by norcalforlife September 06, 2008
The only true area of california that doesn't pollute the hell out of their state, yet manages to be productive.
I love living in Nor-Cal
by Michael Orozco June 11, 2003
Northern California. Where the capital, Sacramento, is.

All of the Cali with none of the douchebags.

We have everything you could ever want, and also me.

You wish you were here right now, you know you do.

The best place ever.
Nor-Cal is hella better than So-Cal
by Figure.10 May 29, 2009
n. An abb. of Northern California. Has no more significance than any other geographic portion of the world but inhabitants of such location would like to point out their "personal superiority", which is in all respects unrelated to the definition. Most commonly identified when inquiring about the word hella.
Bob: "NorCal is hella better than SoCal!"
Frank: "Just shut up, loser."
by SquareKIKEI December 10, 2004
"Norcal" is a portmanteau of "Northern" and "California". The term is a foolish adaptation of "Socal", instituted by recent transplants to N. Cali. and used to express an exclusive bro-titude, succeeding primarily in creating a brainless mindset of stereotypical machismo, expressed by shirtless baby-men in lifted trucks and wrap-around Oakleys, that rivals Southern California's transparentness. Generally an embarrassment to the culture of thoughtfulness and artistic innovation developed by native Northern Californians (or others who actually "get it"), these base lug-nuts would be better served by going home and trying their slavish commitment to cheesy marketing terms elsewhere, leaving us actual Northern Californians with our uniqueness and integrity intact.
Dude, I'm so stoked my Dad moved us to San Jose from Bakersfield, I'm gonna put this big-ass NORCAL sticker on my truck so all the ladies know to look out for my sunburned, waxed beer-gut.

Bro, you mean there are, like, fine girls that aren't blond retards? Norcal RULES! I'm never goin' back to Oxnard!
by freddy R. May 12, 2009
Boring. Beautiful. The word "hella" is used, but not in every sentence contrary to popular belief. There are big lifted trucks because half of the population actually works for a living and the other half are pretending they're cool. We like snowboarding, hiking, and jumping off bridges. We dont have lots of public fun so we make our own parties. End of story.
Norcal and Socal should be their own planets.
by creativedelusions December 21, 2010
The area of California from Sacramento north. While SoCal kids may think NorCal begins and ends in the bay area, they and their Rainbow sandals are sadly mistaken. There are only about, oh, 325 MILES OR SO between San Francisco and the Oregon border; this is the true NorCal. NorCal is known for its abundant and beautiful wilderness, including the coastal redwoods, Mt. Shasta, and the high deserts of the east. No, Yosemite is not in NorCal, nor is Monterey. Furthermore, if it's plastered with cement and filled with chain stores, it's most likely in SoCal. Similarly, if you breathe the air and smell exhaust or can't see the stars from your backyard, you're not in NorCal. And finally, if you don't know what the "state of Jefferson" is, you're definitely not in NorCal. Go back to the bay.
Bro 1: Dude, bro, wanna go up to hella NorCal?
Bro 2: Bro, you mean road trip all the way from here in the O.C. to the NorCal town of Modesto? Can I wear my Rainbows?
True Northern Californian: *shakes head*
by atowndaog August 15, 2009

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