"No Need To Reply". Used mainly at the end of a text message when you send a text message to someone and they would normally text back with "OK" or "k" or "allright". Used so that when they normally would respond with "ok", it will save you the trouble of getting another text message or looking at your phone that will say "ok"
text message conversation...

without NNTR
John: Hey, I'm leaving in 5 minutes.
Amy: Ok

John: Hey, I'm leaving in 5 minutes. NNTR.

by hotmic April 03, 2009
Top Definition
Abbreviated version of: 'No need to reply'
When sending a text (SMS) message to a friend ie "I'll be there in 5 minutes, NNTR"
by Wolfe Tone March 02, 2008
No Need To Reply (to this communique); response not necessary
Staff, Since we are already into the new year, please take down all office holiday ornaments. Regards, The Mgr (NNTR)
by mjplum January 02, 2008
Used for chatting online or sametime connections and your statement/response does not necessarily need an answer, or you are signing off essentially.
"I hope to see you soon. NNTR"
"I will be going to the bar afterwork. NNTR"
"I will talk to you tomorrow. NNTR"
"I am bored as hell at work. NNTR"
by Rdidfdl February 02, 2006
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