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A sexy noise, often used when masturbating.
"Nnf nnf nnf nnf nnf"
by Swishy August 06, 2006
no new friends
what drake says no new friends no no yea like nnf
by theamazingperson:) September 28, 2013
No Name Fan. Opposite of Big Name Fan.
"Why are you bothering talking to her? She's a NNF!"
by Beegirl August 17, 2006
The sound an awkward turtle makes, particularly during mating season. It is used to indicate sheer happiness or as a tone to imply sex.

*Note: An 'awkward turtle' is a term here used to describe someone who as never had sex: a virgin.
"Nnf nnf nnf nnf nnf."

Romeo: "I love thee, Juliet."
Juliet: "And I love thee, Romeo."
Romeo: "Nnf."
by PeteZah May 30, 2011
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